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Day Twenty Five

26 Apr

To My Friends

I think it’s worse to imagine
not seeing their face everyday
than thinking about my life.
I can fight through whatever battles come my way,
with them by my side.
But how can I face,
even daily life,
without them to confide?


Day Twenty Four

25 Apr

Disappointment is all consuming
It takes up your energy
your time
your life.
The feeling never really leaves,
It just hides at the back of your mind.

Day Twenty Three

24 Apr


I can feel the exhaustion spreading,
but it isn’t over yet.
I don’t know when I’ll see the light
or the tunnel of forget.
I hope that I will make it through
it will be tough, though, I bet.
I can feel the exhaustion spreading.
Is it over yet?

Day Twenty Two

23 Apr


You had my heart from the start, dear.


in this moment,

you still have it.


Where else would I keep my heart,

but with you?

Day Twenty One

22 Apr


Trouble always finds you
no matter where you are.
There’s no chance of avoidance
if you are on it’s list.
You can try and hide,
and though I’m sure you will,
it’s no use, if you’re on trouble’s list.

Day Twenty

21 Apr


Do you save someone,
from their own life’s misery?
Or leave it to them?

Day nineteen

20 Apr

My friends

My friends live life to the fullest
and though I try, I sincerely fear
that I’m no match for them.