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Day Twenty Three

24 Apr


I can feel the exhaustion spreading,
but it isn’t over yet.
I don’t know when I’ll see the light
or the tunnel of forget.
I hope that I will make it through
it will be tough, though, I bet.
I can feel the exhaustion spreading.
Is it over yet?


Day Twenty Two

23 Apr


You had my heart from the start, dear.


in this moment,

you still have it.


Where else would I keep my heart,

but with you?

Day Twenty One

22 Apr


Trouble always finds you
no matter where you are.
There’s no chance of avoidance
if you are on it’s list.
You can try and hide,
and though I’m sure you will,
it’s no use, if you’re on trouble’s list.

Day Twenty

21 Apr


Do you save someone,
from their own life’s misery?
Or leave it to them?

Day Eighteen

19 Apr

The Night is Young 

We’re not finished yet,

the nights young and so are we, 

live life while we can. 

Day Seventeen

18 Apr
I Hope I Don’t Forget

This isn’t what I wanted, 

it isn’t what I meant. 
I hoped I couldn’t remember,
but now I’m terrified to forget. 
The way they make me feel,
used to ruin my whole day,
but I’ve become so numb,
that I hardly hear what they say. 


Day Sixteen

16 Apr

It’s Still Around

I knew
I know
I thought
It was still around. 
Gratefully, I had the pleasure
of hardly seeing it. 
But it’s still here  
And it’s up to us 
to stop it, because
It’s hard to ignore racism 
when it slaps you in the face.