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Day One

1 Apr

It’s national poetry writing month again! I’ve decided not to do it this year….April Fools! Here’s my first poem.

The Beaten Path

To find the beaten path
is not as easy as it seems.

What’s beaten for you,
may not appear the same to me.

Though I’ve travelled through the woods,
it’s getting clearer everyday.

The beaten path, it lies ahead,
almost within my reach.


Day One

1 Apr

In celebration of National Poetry Writing Month, I’ll be attempting to write a poem a day, every day in April. You’re welcome to try as well! Thanks for following me throughout this journey. So here goes day one, it’s the same topic as an essay that I’ve been working on. I guess I’ve been thinking about it so much, that it also became the topic of my poem.


Summer Tragedy

When I awoke that early summer’s day

The message of her death was at my ear

The brightness of the sun even seemed sad

To think she wouldn’t see the sun that day.

She might have known it was coming that night.

He finished off the others before her,

His wife, her sister, and their old mother.

She was his ex, a shadow from the past.

Of course he came, a murder in the night.

They found her lying by the door too late

She’d left the earth too soon, all by his hand.

We’ll never solve the mystery behind

The tragedy brought upon us that night.

No justice served as he took his own life.