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Guess Who’s Back?

9 Aug

Has it really been three months since I’ve posted? I’m ashamed. I fully intended to maintain this blog even after I graduated. In fact, I intended to maintain it better after I graduated.

It’s been a busy three months full of changes. For starters, which you probably could have guessed by now, I graduated from college. If you recall from previous posts, I was supposed to start graduate school this fall…today in fact. But that didn’t happen. It was a choice I made, however difficult, not to pursue it at the moment. Some things are all about timing, and right now just wasn’t the time for that particular step.

BUT…good things still came my way, miraculously. I had been accepted to go to graduate school for College Student Affairs and Administration. And though I had to decline, I knew that was still what I wanted to do. I wanted to work with college students, and I was fortunate enough to get a job doing just that. I am now working as an admissions counselor for a college in Augusta, GA.. and I love it! (after the whole moving to a new city in only 2 weeks thing that is.)

After the initial shock of how fast everything went, it was everything I hoped it would be. I get to do something I love everyday, and still have time to write when I get home. I’ve been here for almost a month now, and I’m thrilled.

So, now that I’ve taken the plunge back into my blog, hopefully you’ll be hearing from me more often.


My Relationship With Writing

4 Mar

In just one short week I will be attending my first interview for graduate school. The interview is a two day event, and although I find it slightly odd that the first day of the interview process is on a Sunday, I’m absolutely thrilled for the opportunity. I had been dying for some good news from a graduate school, something to give me a concrete thought to hold onto for next year. I must admit though, that this is not concrete by any means. The interview is simply the next step. I haven’t been accepted yet. I’m just grateful that I made it to this step this time–the first cut if you will.

This whole thing has really been making me think of the past four years, and how much things have changed. (This is obviously something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, see my previous blog posts for further information.) One thing that I’ve really been putting some work into is my portfolio. My problem is that I’m not 100% sure what to put in it. I have a very special place in my heart for writing. I love it. A lot. But it’s not my major, and it’s not what I’m going to graduate school for. What does that mean exactly? Does it make me less of a writer? I hope not, because that might just break my heart.

Writing is really something that has evolved over time for me. At first it was an interest, something I realized that I could do (I’m not sure if I necessarily did it well, but that’s a different story) After a while, it developed into a hobby. I don’t know what I would call writing at this point in my life. My mistress? That doesn’t seem right. I don’t think it’s fair that I wasn’t able to devote as much of my life or academic studies to it, but I hope that my journey isn’t over. I hope that I can continue to develop as a writer, even if I won’t be taking anymore classes.

I have no intentions of giving it up. After all, if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be working a 9:00-5:00, which should give me ample time to continue writing. I plan on taking it to the next level. I don’t want this to be something I just did in my spare time in college, I want to be able to call myself a writer, even if that’s not my job title. So, my writing samples are going in my portfolio. Definitely.