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Weekly Treasure #11

6 May

The essay that I read this week was just beautiful. It’s one of those essays that can take something so small or simple, and turn it into a really great story. The essay is called Mildred and it was written by Felda Brown. You can read it here!

The author of this essay turns a simple situation, like finding a family of raccoons in her house, into a beautiful work about trust and kindness.

She really humanized the animals, something that I really appreciate as an avid animal lover, by naming them and viewing them as “mothers” or “babies” and not just pests.

Throughout the whole essay her descriptions and comments are fantastic. I really enjoyed reading it.


Day Thirty!!

1 May

I guess I’m never satisfied,
because I hate to wait
for things to come my way.
But when these things arrive,
I only want to turn back time.
I need to learn to appreciate
each moment of my day,
and thankful for the things that come.