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Working within the cage.

28 Aug

cage – (noun) something that restricts freedom as a cage restricts movement

Or as the author of “A Cage of One’s Own: Creative Nonfiction and it’s Genres” puts it, the confines that a creative nonfiction writer must work within.

I feel like this is a very interesting way of looking at cnf. Instead of bars to hold writers in, we are caged by the truth. In fiction, writers aren’t bound by these “bars” and can therefore fill in gaps, make things more interesting, etc. I think this is what makes creative nonfiction one of the more difficult genres. You must tell the story by sticking to the truth, but also make it an enjoyable and interesting read.

One of my favorite things discussed in this article was the comparison of creative nonfiction to journalism. As a communications major, I’m all too familiar with the art of journalism and I am eager to see how closely these two are actually related!

Another of the readings, “What is creative nonfiction anyhow?” uses another author’s nonfiction piece to introduce the article. I think this was an effective strategy. Instead of just laying out a definition to be read, he first gave a great example then went on to explain it. The piece itself is a work of nonfiction, but is creative mostly in the beginning when he is retelling the story of the writers conference. The rest of the piece reads more informational.

“The Pain Scale” was a very interesting piece. It brought forth a lot of good ideas and things to contemplate. This was definitely a true piece of creative nonfiction. If we take everything she writes about as truth, than it is a great example. She takes situations, facts, and days from the past to compile one creative, consecutive thought flow, and I think she did an excellent job.


My diva.

22 Aug


This is Lola, my diva extraordinaire. She’s more photogenic than she is kind… trust me!


Animals have a special place in my heart. Although I am the proud owner of three cats (two of which weren’t allowed to move to Statesboro with me…thanks mom…) and a dog, I still browse weekly in the hopes of getting a new furry friend. Most of the time my rational side talks some sense into the animal lover that lives within my soul. I quickly exit out of the page before I email all of the foster parents of black tuxedo cats and chihuahua mixes. Sometimes, however, I make it as far as looking at the whopping $5 in my bank account and I have to remind myself that I’m a college student making minimum wage and another mouth to feed might not be a good idea.

Even though for now I’m happy with my existing “children”, I know that one day our family will grow much larger (and furrier!)